Benefits of Eating Pineapple: Impressive Health Advantages

7. It might help you Recover Faster after Surgery or Strenuous Exercise.

Strenuous Exercise

Eating pineapples may help you recover faster after surgery or exercise.

This is primarily due to bromelain’s anti-inflammatory effects.

Several studies have found that bromelain can help decrease the inflammation, edema, bruising, and discomfort that commonly follows surgery. It also appears to decrease inflammatory indicators.

One research, for example, found that individuals who ingested bromelain before undergoing dental surgery experienced considerably less pain. Felt happier than those who did not. In fact, it appeared to give comparable pain relief to conventional anti-inflammatory medications.

Strenuous exercise can potentially damage muscle tissue. Create inflammation in the surrounding area. Affected muscles are unable to generate as much force and are painful for up to three days.

Proteases such as bromelain are thought to hasten the healing of muscle injury induced by intense exercise by decreasing inflammation around the injured muscle tissue.

One research put this idea to the test by giving subjects a digestive enzyme supplement containing bromelain after 45 minutes of intense treadmill activity. Those who took the supplement had reduced inflammation and more strength thereafter.

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