Eating Mango Everyday: Is It Bad For Your Health?


Mango contains micronutrients that may help fight cancer, and research on breast cancer in particular is encouraging. Mango reduced tumor size and lowered cancer development factors in one animal research.

In another trial, mango slowed the progression of ductal carcinoma, a kind of early-stage breast cancer.

Improved digestion

Mango eating has shown promising effects in patients suffering from chronic constipation. A group of persons who ate mango every day improved their constipation symptoms more than those who ate a similar quantity of fiber, according to study published in The Official Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

The mango group also stuck to their treatment plan more readily and had higher levels of healthy fatty acids and other indicators of digestive wellness, such as gastric secretions, which help in food digestion.

These beneficial benefits might be attributed to mango’s high water and fiber content, as well as its healthful antioxidants.

Eating Mango Everyday
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