Eating Mango Everyday: Is It Bad For Your Health?

Potential mango benefits for skin

Eating Mango Everyday

Mango contains a kind of antioxidant known as mangiferin, which may help protect your body from cellular harm. It’s also high in the following vitamins, all of which work as antioxidants in your body:

  • E-vitamin
  • A vitamin
  • C vitamin

Mango can help your skin in a variety of ways, including:

May reduce signs of sun damage

Mango’s naturally occurring antioxidants have the ability to minimize the appearance of UV damage by lowering oxidation of your skin cells.

According to a 2013 Korean research The impact of mango on sun damage in hairless mice was studied by Trusted Source. Every day, the mice were given either a placebo or water with 100 milligrams of mango extract per kilogram of body weight.

The researchers discovered that mice fed mango extract water had fewer wrinkles and symptoms of sun damage.

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