Effects of Eating Too Much Salt: Here’s What Happens

Effects of Eating Too Much Salt

Did you know that our term for salary is derived from Roman soldiers who received a portion of their pay in salt? Salt is vital and has enabled meat preservation in global history. Salt is also crucial for the way your body functions. There are Effects of Eating Too Much Salt in your diet.

In the normal American diet, however, most people consume too much salt. The food is liberally processed, canned and freezer, so as to make the dish tastier. What happens if you consume an excessive amount of salt? The results can be devastating, and some may even surprise you.

1. Kidney Disease

Kidney Effects of Eating Too Much Salt

Salt makes your body retain water. By sticking to the water, your body tries to balance the balance of salt. Your kidneys must work harder to filter the water out. The arteries get “pressurized” with more water in your bloodstream. The arteries that go to the kidneys are so affected.

This strain eventually causes injury and renal disease. You can develop renal failure and death without costly and painful medical treatment if you are left untreated.

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