Effects of Eating Too Much Salt: Here’s What Happens

5. Cancer

Cancer Effects of Eating Too Much Salt

A high-salt diet has been linked to an increased risk of stomach cancer in several studies.

According to a study involving more than 268,000 people, individuals who consume 3 grams of salt per day had a 68 percent higher risk of stomach cancer than those who consume 1 gram of salt per day.

Another study claims that those who consume a lot of salt have a two-fold greater risk of stomach cancer than those who consume less. Still. There is no clear definition of what constitutes a high or low salt consumption in this research.

The mechanism behind salt’s ability to prevent stomach cancer is unclear. Experts think, however, that salt-rich diets might make someone more sensitive to stomach cancer by creating ulcers or inflammation of the tube.

The connection between salt and cancer is quite tiny, but it does exist. Higher salt/sodium/salty food intake has been associated with stomach cancer.

Whether the fruit and vegetables are salts or an overall poor diet, is uncertain. However, greater salt/salt foods are likely to have more H. pylori, a bacteria associated with stomach cancer.

Salt is also associated with cancer obesity and obesity. Reduced salt intake may reduce the risk of cancer.

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