Foods For Osteoporosis: Ultimate Guide

10. Soft Drinks

Foods For Osteoporosis

According to certain research, colas. But not other soft drinks, are linked to bone loss. While more study is needed to fully understand the relationship between soft drinks and bone health. This is what we do know:

  • Soft drink carbonation has no negative effects on bone.
  • Caffeine and phosphorous, both of which are often present in colas. It may lead to bone loss.
  • Phosphorus, like calcium, is found in bones. It is labeled as “phosphate” or “phosphoric acid” as an ingredient in colas, certain other soft drinks, and processed foods.
  • Some scientists feel that Americans consume too much phosphorous, while others argue that as long as individuals consume adequate calcium. It is not an issue. People who drink soft drinks instead of milk or calcium-fortified beverages may be causing bone damage.
  • Fortunately, you may compensate for any calcium loss from these beverages by consuming enough calcium to fulfill your body’s requirements.
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