Foods That Prevent Sleep: Stop Eating These

7.Meat: Foods That Prevent Sleep

Foods That Prevent Sleep

Meat, particularly red meat, is high in protein and fat. As a result, it takes a long time to digest and may keep you awake at night. It’s fine to eat meat during dinner. But you should avoid it as a bedtime snack.

If you’re having trouble sleeping every night, go even farther and limit yourself to smaller servings of lean meat at dinnertimes. Such as turkey and chicken breast, or vegetarian protein sources, such as yogurt and spinach.

Any kind of protein will take longer to digest and may not be suitable for consumption before bedtime, but red meat is particularly weighty due to its fat content. As a result, lying down is more likely to trigger indigestion or stomach cramps.

If you enjoy some cow et Frites on a Weekend, you may find it more difficult to go asleep after your meal. Foods high in fat and protein are more difficult for the body to digest, which can completely throw off your poor, overworked Circadian rhythm. You don’t want to give it up entirely? For a better post-steak nap, consume your red meat at midday.

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