Foods That Prevent Sleep: Stop Eating These

6.Spicy Foods: Foods That Prevent Sleep

Foods That Prevent Sleep

Spicy meals should be avoided before bedtime for the simple reason that they can cause stomach pain and heartburn. Because stomach acid accumulates around the esophagus when you lie down, heartburn tends to get worse. However, some research suggests that eating hot food before bedtime may increase the likelihood of nightmares!

Lack of sleep isn’t necessarily due to a lack of ability to fall asleep. Frequent awakening during the night also deprives you of valuable sleep time.

Whether it’s a super-hot curry or a spicy chili sauce, cause indigestion, contain capsaicin, a compound found in chili peppers that alters your body temperature, and there’s even evidence that they can cause bizarre dreams. Limit your spicy feasts to days when you can lay in and make up for the lost hours if other seasonings don’t float your boat.

Nightmares are just dreamed with bad emotions attached. But the body’s fight-or-flight response is far more likely to wake us up than a happy dream.

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