Foods That Prevent Sleep: Stop Eating These

5.Dessert: Foods That Prevent Sleep

Foods That Prevent Sleep

After a long day of good dietary behavior, a delicious little sweet treat looks like the ideal reward. Unfortunately, spiking your blood sugar before the night is the last thing you want to do.

Despite the late hour, eating your dessert immediately before the night is likely to make you feel alert and energized.

Chocolate should be avoided before bedtime because it includes both caffeine and sugar. That isn’t all, though. Chocolate contains theobromine, a stimulant that raises heart rate and may cause insomnia.

Part of this is due to the caffeine level, of course. But many people are unaware that milk chocolate contains other stimulants. Such as tyrosine, an amino acid, and theobromine, which causes your heart rate to accelerate (not as terrible as it sounds. But enough to ruin a good night’s sleep).

On the plus side, white chocolate doesn’t contain these stimulants, giving you another incentive to reintroduce yourself to the Milkybar Kid.

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