Health Harming 7 Food Combinations: You Must Know

1. Cold Water With A Meal

Health Harming

The story: Drinking cold water before, during, or after a meal is said to induce the food to congeal or solidify in your stomach. After all, when exposed to chilly temperatures outside your body, fats solidify. Some folks also propose that drinking water with meals dilutes acid to the stomach, decreasing the ability of the acid to digest a meal.

The reality: What this idea overlooks is that our bodies are warm on the inside. Coldwater is not long cold after drinking; it warms up to body temperature rapidly. And while cold water might help avoid overheating, it’s not enough to solidify fat and maintain fat throughout digestion.

During meals, drinking water at any temperature really aids digestion. Water can be helpful at breaking all things apart and it works with stomach acid not against it in your digestive system.

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