Health Harming 7 Food Combinations: You Must Know

3. Beer And Nuts is Health Harming Combination

Health Harming

The story: Beer and salty meals, such as nuts, can dehydrate. If you use them together, your body’s water will be dangerously depleted. You may become so thirsty that you drink much too much beer in an effort to hydrate.

The reality: That’s absolutely a grain of truth. Bar owners normally provide salty food, as they know that you are going to have more to drink. Salt tends to somewhat soften beer’s harshness, making it easier to drink. On the other hand, beer increases our salty food experience, which is why when we drink it we tend to want salty food.

Beer is a diuretic too, and as a result, your body actually excretes more salt in your pee. It is unlikely that the salty snacks will contribute to critical dehydration. However, only alcohol has the ability to do so. Unless you want a big hangover, try to drink at least as many glasses of water as you do alcohol.

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