Health Harming 7 Food Combinations: You Must Know

6. Milk And Sour Fruit

Health Harming

The story: There have been numerous variations on this subject that single out pineapple, lemon, or orange as hazardous to ingest with milk. When added to warm milk with acidic fruit juice, it curdles and ruins milk. When curdling occurs in your stomach, you become sick.

The reality: Acid in fruit, especially hot milk, can curdle milk. It is real. But when acid is added to cold milk, the curdling process happens so slowly that you won’t even notice it. This is how oranges, lemon cream, and pineapple-yogurt smoothies may be enjoyed.

Plus, curdled milk isn’t always harmful to you. It is not safe to consume when Milk has curdled due to spoilage. However, milk is frequently curdled on purpose for products such as cheese and yogurt. And you may not want that, but milk curdles when it reaches your stomach. It always curdles.

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