7 Symptoms of Prediabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore

2.Blurry Vision

Symptoms of Prediabetes

Full-blown diabetes and prediabetes can have a severe effect on your eyesight. When blood sugar levels rapidly swing from high to low, fluid leaks into your eye’s lens. This is because your body has overdriven to get as much water from the cells as possible to purge excess sugar. The effect is that your eyes expand and form and ultimately avoid appropriate focusing.

There are many other possible reasons for blurring. But you may have prediabetes as the fault if you can relate yours with any of these other symptoms in our list.

3.Skin Problems

Symptoms of Prediabetes

Sometimes problems on the inside of our bodies manifest on the outside. Prediabetes causes shiny, scaly patches or other dark, velvety areas on the skin as insulin levels in the blood are raised.

Prediabetes also starts to impair blood circulation, which can make your legs. In particular, itchy Full-blown diabetics are in danger of losing their feet because of serious circulation problems. Therefore you have to act quickly if your skin problems are prediabetes-related.

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