Worst Food For Arthritis: 18 Foods and Beverages

Conclusion: Worst Food For Arthritis

Worst Food For Arthritis

If you have arthritis, a balanced diet and lifestyle may help you feel better.

According to research, you should avoid certain meals and beverages (Worst Food For Arthritis), such as highly processed foods, red meat, fried foods, and foods high in added sugars.

Keep in mind that lifestyle factors such as your exercise level, body weight, and smoking status are all important in arthritis management.

While this is our best advice on which food and drinks to avoid if you have arthritis, in the end, you know your body best.

Take some time to try with these beverages one by one to see which ones are triggers for you; keeping a food journal might help you keep track of the findings. Meanwhile, drink lots of fresh, filtered water to keep your joints lubricated.

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