Worst Food For Arthritis: 18 Foods and Beverages

13. Foods High in Salt

Worst Food For Arthritis

People suffering from arthritis may benefit from reducing their intake of salt. Shrimp, canned soup, pizza, some cheeses, processed meats, and a variety of other processed foods are rich in salt.

Mouse research discovered that arthritis was more severe in mice fed a high salt diet than in mice provided a moderate salt diet.

A 62-day mouse study also indicated that a low salt diet reduced the severity of RA when compared to a high salt diet. Mice on a low-salt diet exhibited less cartilage breakdown and bone destruction, as well as lower levels of inflammatory markers than mice fed a high-salt diet.

Surprisingly, experts have proposed that a high salt consumption may be a risk factor for autoimmune illnesses such as inflammatory arthritis.

A study of 18,555 participants found that high salt consumption was associated with an elevated risk of RA.

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